Friday, 19 August 2011

St Michaels and the Community

Time was that the church would have had a more central place in the community, and would have had an essential role to play in the happenings of a village. Times have changed and the way communities work have altered, but it is important that the church still has a place in the community.
 Lately a lot of work has been done in St Michaels to reconnect us with the village. We don’t just want to be a building that is only called on for the ‘hatch, match and dispatch events in people’s lives, we should be a part of the community.
 We now need to act on the new friendships and connections we have made. Firstly, we have our website, which is constantly under development to find new ways to communicate with people. We also have out social media feeds, so we can strike up conversations with people locally and all over the world.
 Secondly, and closer to home, we are beginning to work with people and events that share similar ethos’s to our own. Most recently this has been through local eco and fair trade festival ‘Fair Intents’ and we are hoping to continue working with the community in the future.
 The church needs to be seen as a building of religious significance, but also as a community building with people who want to help. If you would like more information about Haworth Church or would like to get in contact with us about anything you can do so via  

Friday, 12 August 2011

Windows and Newsletters

It has been a busy, if a little soggy week at Haworth Church, with many exciting projects under way. A lot of this week was spent investigating our beautiful stained glass windows as we felt it was one of the areas where we needed to provide more information for our visitors. It is amazing how you can be in a building and miss so many interesting features that you don’t notice until you really look. For example, did you know that three of our windows are from the famous window designers Clayton & Bell? It was also very enlightening to learn about people about the church from the past, such as the windows dedicated to Michael Merrall, who donated £5000 of the £7000 needed to rebuild the church in the 1880s. Fascinating stuff, more window signage to come.

In other news, people are signing up in droves to receive our quarterly online newsletter that will keep them up to date with the happenings at St. Michaels. It is not too late if you are interested in receiving quarterly updates from us, then send us your contact information in an email to:
If you would like more information on anything to do with St. Michaels, its restoration, or to get in contact with us about anything then visit our website, ‘friend’ us on Facebook:, or send us a Tweet: @haworthchurch.

Have a good week!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Post Holiday update-Preview of upcoming attractions

After a short summer break, Haworth church blog is back to keep you updated on the very exciting happenings within the church and our fundraising campaign.
 August is a month of hard work and the beginnings of new projects for us. Our website is still developing, the most exciting change recently is that for the first time ‘Haworth Parish Church News’ is available online
This is just the beginning for the churches new forms of communication, as we have plans to produce a quarterly online newsletter to keep people from all over the world up to date with our progress.

 Fundraising events wise we held a very successful concert in the aid of the restoration fund which was performed by the Steeton Male Voice Choir. A full review of the concert is available here and all in all it was a very successful evening with a full church and a good amount raised towards our restoration.

  Upcoming projects in the pipeline at the moment include a visitor survey to try and establish why people visit our church and what they would like to see the future. The furthering of our website with an extended gallery as well as the beginnings of some projects that will hopefully help protect the building for future generations.

Events being held in aid of the Restoration Project in September are-A table top clothes and shoe sale at local cafe ‘Cobbles and Clay’ and a Harvest Supper. You can keep updated on upcoming events by checking out the events page of our website

If you would like any more information regarding our fundraising, would like to receive our online newsletter or would like to make contact with us then more information can be found on our website  , Facebook page and twitter feed @haworthchurch