Friday, 19 August 2011

St Michaels and the Community

Time was that the church would have had a more central place in the community, and would have had an essential role to play in the happenings of a village. Times have changed and the way communities work have altered, but it is important that the church still has a place in the community.
 Lately a lot of work has been done in St Michaels to reconnect us with the village. We don’t just want to be a building that is only called on for the ‘hatch, match and dispatch events in people’s lives, we should be a part of the community.
 We now need to act on the new friendships and connections we have made. Firstly, we have our website, which is constantly under development to find new ways to communicate with people. We also have out social media feeds, so we can strike up conversations with people locally and all over the world.
 Secondly, and closer to home, we are beginning to work with people and events that share similar ethos’s to our own. Most recently this has been through local eco and fair trade festival ‘Fair Intents’ and we are hoping to continue working with the community in the future.
 The church needs to be seen as a building of religious significance, but also as a community building with people who want to help. If you would like more information about Haworth Church or would like to get in contact with us about anything you can do so via  

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