Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Haworth Church Update-Leaflets, Calendars and Christmas

Hello and welcome to Haworth Church blog. Although things on the blog have been quiet for a while, things have very definitely not been quiet within Haworth Church! Our Priest in charge, the Revd Peter Mayo Smith is very pleased with the progress we have made:

."If you look around the church you’ll notice that a number of things have happened. The most obvious are the “pull ups” which explain key features of the church. If you haven’t had the opportunity to look at them please do. The second, and perhaps less obvious, are two new leaflets. The first, which will be appearing all over Haworth, is a leaflet giving information about the church ~ this is coloured blue. The second leaflet, in green, provides a walk through the church and will be sold to help raise funds for the restoration. These items are already having an impact on our visitors. The other Sunday I noticed that visitors were taking time to read the pull ups and look at the church in more detail. "

Away from the immediate church building you will also see that the Haworth community have come out in order to help safe-guard the church. The 'Haworth Couldnt Wear Less' is a calendar produced for the Restoration fund and the Old School Room and is proving to be generating quite a bit of interest. Peter Mayo Smith expresses his gratitude to the group in the soon to be released November church magazine:

"The community of Haworth also feel so strongly about the need for the church; many of you will know of the two calendars whose proceeds are going towards the restoration of the building. (Something the PCC and I are very grateful for.) The community wants the church not just because it is a draw for tourists; but far more importantly because they know it is there for them in good and bad times. It is place they can turn to in joy and sadness. It is their church."

If you would like to find out more about the Haworth Calendar then you can visit their website or you can read the story behind it, in their own words, on our website here .

Haworth Church has also been working very hard towards the formation of a group called the 'Friends of Haworth Church' A group that will hopefully work to safeguard the church's future by volunteering in the church, fundraising and event organising amongst other things. If you feel you would like to get more involved in Haworth Church then the first meeting is going to be held on Wednesday 2nd November at 7pm in the Old School Room Haworth (more information on our website ) Anybody is welcome, regardless of whether you are a church goer, so if you would like to be involved or to hear more about what we are hoping to do then come along.

We are now into the beginnings of the Christmas season (earlier every year) and a number of special events and services will be happening at Haworth Church throughout November and December, below is a programme of what is currently planned to happen:

Services for November and December

Sunday 6th November
9:30am Holy Communion at Stanbury
10:45am Holy Communion at Haworth
4:00pm Light a Candle Service (please note the time)

Sunday 13th November
8:30am Holy Communion at Haworth
10:45am Remembrance Service at Haworth (no Stanbury service)
12:00pm An Act of Remembrance at the Cenotaph

Sunday 20th November
8:30am Holy Communion at Haworth
9:30am Morning Prayer at Stanbury
10:45am family Worship at Haworth

Sunday 27th November
10:45am Baptism and Confirmation, lead by Bishop Nick, at Haworth (note no service at Stanbury)

December Services
Sunday 4th December
8:30am Holy Communion at Haworth
9:30am Morning Prayer at Stanbury
10:45am Toy Service at Haworth

Sunday 11th December
9:30am Holy Communion at Stanbury
10:45am Holy Communion at Haworth
6:00pm Carols by Candlelight

Sunday 18th December
8:30am Holy Communion
9:30am Morning Prayer at Stanbury
10:45am Christingle at Haworth
7:00pm Community Carols by Candlelight

Christmas Eve
12:00pm The Nativity Pilgrimage in Main Street
5:00pm Carols Around the Crib in Stanbury
11:30pm Christmas Eve Communion at Haworth

Christmas Day
9:30am Christmas Communion in Stanbury
10:45am Christmas Communion in Haworth

New Years Day
10:30am Joint service at West Lane Baptists

There will not be a service at Stanbury or Haworth

Please note that the Haworth Church will be closed after the Christmas Day Communion until the 28th December. It will then close on New Year’s Eve until the 3rd January 2012.

There will also be a talk being given by local historian Ian Dewhirst on the 2nd December (more details to follow) and Haworth Church will be holding it's Christmas Fair on the 10th December, both of these events will be to raise money for the Restoration Fund.

We would like to extend a massive 'Thank You!' to everybody who has been working so hard for us both in our church, in the community and beyond. We really appreciate the effort that everybody has put in.

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